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Let Bradley Air manage your Heating & Cooling   

Whether you are trying to heat a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse with multiple unit heaters or air condition the smallest computer room in the middle of winter with a mini-split, there is a solution for every building and Bradley Air is pleased to help you find the most cost effective and efficient one.

From start to finish of your commercial project, we can meet your needs at every step. Replacing an exact commercial heating system requires an HVAC permit with the local municipality, but a redesign, addition, or remodel requires plans be drawn and stamped by a mechanical engineer, and then reviewed by the state of Washington or a local building inspector. Bradley Air can arrange this process from start to to approval in order to obtain the necessary permits—your commercial job is our priority. 

Commercial Jobs Done Correctly 

At Bradley Air, we love VRV systems with cutting edge technology. Daikin’s VRV IV systems integrate advanced technology to provide comfort control with maximum energy efficiency and reliability. VRV provides a solution for multi-family residential to large commercial applications desiring heating or cooling. Modules can be combined to provide up to 34 tons from three modules on a single piping network, saving installation cost by reducing piping and electrical connections.

System components allow flexibility to handle future building changes while minimizing retrofit requirements. 

hydronic systems

Hydronic systems can be zoned for individual temperature control. We have performed many jobs where an inefficient boiler is removed and replaced with multiple smaller boilers piped together for efficient heating. When it is really cold and more BTU’s are needed to heat the building, all the boilers will operate together. Otherwise, they are staged to provide as much heat as necessary while using as little fuel as possible for optimal efficiency. Hydronic systems can also provide individual zones controlled by a separate thermostat for each part of the building. High efficiency, condensing boilers often qualify for rebates for their exceptional efficiency providing a quicker payback to the business owner. Save time and money!

Maintenance Agreements Make a Difference

Commercial maintenance agreements are the simple way to guarantee that your equipment is kept in proper operating condition. Filters and belts are changed regularly as needed, and the equipment is tuned up at the appropriate time for heating and cooling.

With a Maintenance Agreement problems with the equipment can often be detected before a breakdown occurs. This often saves thousands of dollars and this peace of mind allows the business owner to spend time running their business and not dealing with heating and cooling problems.